Scissor Stab

September 26, 2005 at 7:54 pm (General LOLness, Life)

There are people who sometimes, or all the time if you're like me, you just feel like stabbing with scissors. Not normal scissors either, those tiny sissy ones with the half-inch blade. Were you to stab someone with scissors like these I imagine it would take a good ten minutes of fighting and stabbing until you got to their heart and were able to kill them. It would be very messy, very painful, very long, and above all, very satisfying.

It seems to me like I know a lot of these people. I never asked to know these people, I never asked that they talk to me, and I never asked to associate with them. Yet all these things happen and every day I get closer and closer to just going to school and snapping and killing one of them with a two centimeter screw.

The following is as close as I will ever get to posting bullshit emo crap. If I want to do that I will make a sissy blog where I tell what I ate today and every little detail about it because I'm just so interesting.
Today I told someone at school that they should read my blog and they said that it was a little pathetic that I was asking them to. And I must admit that If I had been asking them to read my blog it would have been pathetic, but I do not classify this as a blog. What do I classify it as? I classify it as a place where I can write articles and keep them neat and organized. I realize many people do this with blogs but that is for one reason and one reason only: Lazyness.
The only reason I do not make my own site to host my articles is because I'm to lazy. I could make a site with a host, ad space, and all that other fancy shit but I like the layout of this site and I don't want to sit here coding when I could be writing, playing, watching TV, being lazy in other numerous ways.

A blog is a place where whiny, angsty, dumbass little shits of lives complain about how bad their life is like nobody else feels or has emotions. Nobody gives a fuck if you think your hair is shitty and that people were staring at you and talking about you behind your back. THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY! Just live your fucking life and don't worry if the dipshit cheerleader makes fun of you because in twenty years when you stop for a coke at a gas station and shes behind the counter you can say, "Yes, I would like my pack of gum and coke bagged." and she will have to do it.

This post is my little way of staying sane and not actually stabbing anybody to death with a pair of shitty sissy scissors however much I still want to.


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September 25, 2005 at 5:53 pm (General LOLness, Manga/Comics)

You may be wondering: "Three posts in one day? What the fuck?"
What the fuck indeed, but the simple answer is that I am in a writing mood today, you don't have to read them all today, or at all. Don't whine.

Now to Naruto. Some of you may have seen the anime on Cartoon Network. As with many other animes imported here it has been kiddied up into some friendly peice of shit. They SLAUGHTERED this anime and it does no justice to the manga. There is a point in the manga where someone is so fucked up he can't use his arms and is bleeding to death very quickly, so he decides that with the last of strength he is going to kill the opposing gang leader, so he gets a friend to put a knife in his mouth, charges the gang leader and lops his head off all the while being stabbed with numerous swords. I very much want to see this in the anime but I doubt it will happen because its not on Adult Swim, its on toonami. Technically it is a manga for young teens and thats the target audience for the anime but HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I watched toonami when I was 7 what's to stop seven year olds from watching it now? I know I would of loved that when I was seven but I was a crazy little bastard, I still am.

Moving on from that a question arises: Why the shit do they always give the protagonist the most irritating voice they can find. I think its because they want to distract people with a grating, scratchy, pre-pubescent crack whore voice so the audience won't notice what they've turned a good show into.

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You are not a punk, shut the fuck up.

September 25, 2005 at 5:29 pm (General LOLness, Life, Music)

Lately pretty much everyone at my school who liked Green Day last year has denounced their sheep-like faith in them because they have become too mainstream or some retarded shit like that. So, naturally, they all chose to start listening to more "unkown" bands like (I'm not shitting you) Blink-182 and Sum 41. Hey, good job retards, you denounced your love for Green Day, a band that doesn't suck, for BLINK-182 because Green Day is too mainstream. YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON! I am going to list a few reasons now, because I feel obligated.

1) We live in Albuquerque, NM. This may shock you but this city has one of the best music scenes in America. The Shins are from here, and we have local bands that almost rival them in how good they are. In other words, GO TO A GOD DAMN LOCAL CONCERT!
2)Most of you use Myspace, guess what, their music section has tons of indie artists who are nearly completely unkown, just browse the indie and alternative sections of music and I guarantee that you will find a fantastic band.

Now to the "punk" part.
YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING PUNK. A real punk would go stand outside of the oval office and press his ass up against the glass during a press conference and not complain when the secret service did an anal cavity search and threw him in jail just so he get could another one from a guy named Lucy. I'm pretty sure you don't want to meet Lucy, so take off the pre-wrinkled clothes and never speak of them again and find some music that, this may blow your mind, DOESN'T SUCK.

Now for a list of bands that suck:
Sum 41
Hawthorne Heights
Dashboard Confessional
Fall Out Boy
Simple Plan
Many, many, many, many more.
Pretty much anything anyone who got pissed off by this post listens to.

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