September 25, 2005 at 5:53 pm (General LOLness, Manga/Comics)

You may be wondering: "Three posts in one day? What the fuck?"
What the fuck indeed, but the simple answer is that I am in a writing mood today, you don't have to read them all today, or at all. Don't whine.

Now to Naruto. Some of you may have seen the anime on Cartoon Network. As with many other animes imported here it has been kiddied up into some friendly peice of shit. They SLAUGHTERED this anime and it does no justice to the manga. There is a point in the manga where someone is so fucked up he can't use his arms and is bleeding to death very quickly, so he decides that with the last of strength he is going to kill the opposing gang leader, so he gets a friend to put a knife in his mouth, charges the gang leader and lops his head off all the while being stabbed with numerous swords. I very much want to see this in the anime but I doubt it will happen because its not on Adult Swim, its on toonami. Technically it is a manga for young teens and thats the target audience for the anime but HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I watched toonami when I was 7 what's to stop seven year olds from watching it now? I know I would of loved that when I was seven but I was a crazy little bastard, I still am.

Moving on from that a question arises: Why the shit do they always give the protagonist the most irritating voice they can find. I think its because they want to distract people with a grating, scratchy, pre-pubescent crack whore voice so the audience won't notice what they've turned a good show into.


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  1. the realist said,

    hey there…..i was looking at some f those random blogs (you know, on the dashboard) and i happened to come across yours. just so you know….this is one of the better blogs i’ve seen in a long time. and you’re a damn good writer. lol. and i’m so glad that you share a common hatred for all the bands out there that genuinely suck. anywho, keep up the awesome writing, u really amuse me. actually, i have blog myself ( ) check it out if you ever have the time….and hey, leave me a comment : D

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