So apparently I’ve got a hot date friday

November 16, 2005 at 8:22 pm (Life)

Ok, so I'm sitting at school totally doing my work and one of my friend's, Adam, is all like "D00D, wanna hang out with everyone friday?" so I was all like "Only if there be B33R, yo!"

True story.

Actually the true story goes exactly like that except there will be no alcohol involved. That I know of. Well there will be kegs. But anything could be in that keg, it could be a juice keg for all you know.

OK, odds are we're going to hang around somebody's house, eat cheetos, and play videogames for like 2 hours and then go to my supposed hot date. And now for how it all began…

I was still covered in the placenta and the doctors were drying me off, it was fucking freezing in the hospital room and my mother had just given birth to my younger brother.

Not me.

Placenta rocket.


OK, OK, I will get to the story now and no I do not have a younger sibling. I eat them. Mmmmm bebe.

So I'm sitting in class and my friend Adam asks me if I want to hang out with everybody on friday, so I said yeah sure, call me. Later he asks if I'm single, there is something I'm going to ask you all to do now, if you have not looked at my myspace yet do so now.

…You couldn't find the link could you? Well you retarded anus, it is to the right and under the links section.

That way.

Alrighty then, did you see my pictures? God dammit, go back and see them.

OK good, after the pain stops ask yourself this: Do I look single to you?
The answer is yes by the way.
I must say my friend is a smart person, but god damn dude, what the fuck?

I have no clue at all about the girl, all I know is I'm meeting her and I need to smell nice and that Noah needs to shave. I know you're reading this you half-hairy bastard. SHAVE! SHAVE! ZIEG HEIL!
Woops, freudian slip.


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