Henry Jenkins is awesome

December 13, 2005 at 9:51 pm (Current Events)

I've been busy lately because I've been learning the bass guitar and writing, I don't even know where the time is going and I haven't even been getting on World of Warcraft lately but I am going to sit down and entertain you people, and by people I mean the one person who I know reads this.

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Now to the article:

Henry Jenkins is mother-fucking awesome. If you haven't heard, Henry Jenkins is an MIT professor who is the director of comparitive studies at MIT. He has recently published an article about video games and violence, using FACTS (something all the people against video games don't have) to show that there is no correlation between violence in youths and video games.

There is another thing there, M rated and AO (Mature and Adults Only) games fall into the hands of teens a lot. People are saying this is a bad thing, it isn't in most cases. Making a sweeping generalization to not put these games into the hands of teens is horrible, the responsibilty should fall upon the parent to decide if their child is emotionally ready for these games. Personally, I am ready to see anything in a game or in any other type of media. People being pulled apart? Sure. Halves of people, faces locked in agony? Sounds good.
There are unstable people of all ages, a rating system based on ages does little to stop violent crimes of any nature.

Sex and Violence are things teens can deal with, at the very least I have always been able to deal with them. At 14 years old you should be able to deal with most things sexual and many things violent, by 17 if you can't deal with all of it you are one of two things:
1. A woman.
These things affect them differently, if you don't believe me think about it before you speak. How many 15 year old girls do you think know what "the shocker" is?
2. A total pussy.
Seriously dude, what the fuck? This is my impression of you: Oh no blood! *faints*
Grow a fucking spine and have some vodka. But please don't grow a "fucking spine."

You can find the article here and you can find Henry Jenkin's sight here


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