The official first post

June 5, 2006 at 10:10 pm (General LOLness)

Rather than importing my old blog again with the first post I'm just going to paste it here. What can I say? I'm lazy.

Why make a blog?
Lately I have noticed that there are a massive amount of morons surrounding me. Well I shouldn't say lately, I've known this ever since I was beating two chalk board erasers together outside of school one day and the security guard tackled me, screaming "anthrax!" while doing it. Ever since that day in kindergarten I have had an utter contempt for humanity. There are exceptions to my contempt and hate, the smart people, or people who are original, creative, etc. So far I have not met ANY in real life and very few on the internet. Why not give up you might ask, and I would reply: Because though most people are moronic and many just plain worthless shits on the shoe of society, people have good in them. Though there is a shortage of these people they are there, at my school, on the street, and even on the internet there are a few people who aren't worthless, giant, walking anuses.

Back to why I made this blog, it is simply because I want to announce my contempt for all the idiots I know, don't know, will never bother meeting, will never have the "pleasure" of meeting, will bother meeting, you get the idea.

This is not another emo blog where everything consists of "Why can't I talk to her", "I'm going to talk to her", "She turned me down", "My life is nothing without her", and my personal favorite: "I'm going to kill myself"

This is not another goth blog where every fucking post has poetry that I am literally going to create myself using all of the following words: dark, soulless, pit, blackness, bottomless, heart, bleeding. Here it comes:

I am a dark, soulless blackness
My heart is a bleeding bottomless pit

There you have it, two lines of worthless shit made to look like a poem, after the three hundred lawsuits I get for copying a bunch of whiny bitches poetry are settled I might do this again, just for shits and giggles.

This almost concludes my intoduction post, but as I look the post over it seems like it could be summarized as "Hello, go away." but this is not true, the best way to summarize it is more like this: Hello, sit down, stay a while, if you have to complain send me an E-mail that you took time on, by sending me an E-mail you have given me the right to post your E-mail on my blog so I can either praise you or point you out to the world as a complete moron, if you would not like your E-mail address shown tell me in your E-mail and I will comply.


1 Comment

  1. happychick said,

    Okay it’s been like, too long since your last post. I don’t think you know that I check this every day, so now you do, so POST already!

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