Shout Out Louds

June 10, 2006 at 10:17 pm (Music)

Shout Out Louds is a group out of Sweden. Don't worry though, everything is in english.

Their MySpace page is here and the official site is here.
I would like to say something about the name of the band, so I will. Every god damn time I see it I want to put a "The" in front of it. If it was Shout Out Loud I would be fine but they had to have the fucking "S" at the end.

Anyways, they sound great and if anyone cares (how couldn't you?) my favorite song of their's is "The Comeback." The official site has all of their music videos, which are all good. I do have a complaint about the "alternative" video though, Ted (I believe it was their bass player who directed it) decided to use a bunch of clips over again timed to the music. I have news for Ted: It didn't work. The video fails, though he is a good bass player. I'm not thrilled with the Please Please Please video either but atleast the cinematography is good.
Also, a note on their discography. Don't pay any fucking attention to it, just get Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, as far as I can tell it has almost all of their song's on it. I repeat: DO NOT FUCKING WORRY ABOUT THEIR INSANE DISCOGRAPHY.



  1. happychick said,

    Hahahaha!!! I looked at your MySpace thing (see right), hahahaha! You look like a wigger. :) In a nice way, but. I really should post a pic of me on my blog…

  2. labrat777 said,

    That is the first and probably last time anyone will ever call me a wigger. I'm so white I can light rooms if I take my shirt off.

    You should post a picture of yourself! That way I can know what I'm fantasizing about…er, I mean…What? 

  3. happychick said,

    hahaha! eew, you’re not seriuos, right? hehe.

  4. Hell Boy said,

    thanks for the link, but their abit boring! ;)

  5. labrat777 said,

    Holy shit dude take an english course. Though some of the songs can be a bit slow, yes.

  6. happychick said,

    :( You never answered my question…. *pouts and sulks*

  7. Hell Boy said,

    jesus i dont need an english course! i better take an inuit one! :)

  8. labrat777 said,


  9. happychick said,

    Ignored! I see whats’ going on here- Keith, stay away from my friends!!
    Oh, Jon- Hellboy is Keith. He’s from Alaska (or Alabama, or something). Be nice to him.

  10. labrat777 said,

    Me no get to be a meany? WAAAAAAAAH! T_T

  11. Alexkig said,

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