Hitler Jokes: Why did the Jew cross the road?

June 16, 2006 at 10:22 pm (General LOLness, Hitler Jokes)

Hitler: Who wants to hear a joke?
Excited Lackey: Me! Me!
Hitler: Why did the Jew cross the road?
Superly uber excited lackey: I don't know! WHY!?
Angry Hitler: How fucking stupid are you? I'm trying to kill them. What the fuck do you think they were running from? I should kill you right now. Instead I will beat you.
Endangered Lackey: Waaaah!

Hitler: Who wants to hear another joke?
Bruised Lackey: *angry mumbles*
Hitler: Nigga, I will blow you away!
Angry bruised Lackey: You don't have the cojones!
Currently being shot up Lackey: Oh noes! You do have the cojones!

This edition of Hitler Jokes is coming to an end, with only one more thing to do. Surfer Lackey says goodbye! But which surfer lackey will it be?
Gangsta Surfer Lackey: Poor some out for the homies we lost in this edition of Hitler Jokes. And remember kids, racism is bad even if it is fake.



  1. happychick said,

    :) so stupid

    • Anonymous said,

      If that’s so stupid, then don’t smile about. But if you mean that that joke is stupid, then you’re right.

  2. labrat777 said,

    Damn strizzait.

  3. ¥uri said,


  4. KOYO said,

    hitler is still alive muuuaaahhh

    • Anonymous said,

      No, he isn’t, you asswipe. And shove you’re laughter up your ass. If you love that former dictator so much, then why don’t you go to hell with him where you and him can fuck each other for all I care.

  5. gabe said,

    how does hitler tie his shoes
    in little noties

  6. your mom said,



    how is that even funny?


    • Anonymous said,

      How right you are.

  7. bob says said,

    ? how do jews tie their shoes?
    in little nazi’s !
    why did hitler go crazy and die?
    the jews sent him his gas bill!

  8. jordan ferry said,

    u r retarded, that sucked
    it wasnt even funny i agree with (your mom)

    • Anonymous said,

      Just as I agree with you.

  9. josh said,

    what did hitler get for his 10th birthday, a G. I. jew

  10. nick said,


    • Anonymous said,

      If you were referring to the asshole who made this blog, then you’re correct.

  11. smart hitler said,

    dumb jews

    • Anonymous said,

      You’re not at smart at all, poser. And how dare you be bigoted towards Jews. Would you like someone else to be that way to you? If so, then you’re better off dead like the bastard you are.

      • Weed Brownieeee said,


  12. archie said,

    you fukas are retarded as a moth fucka

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