Hooray Google!

July 15, 2006 at 3:46 am (Blogs, General LOLness, WTF?)

For some reason if you search for one of my topics in google I appear on the second page. This is pretty cool and I have a theory about it but it’s probably wrong. Instead of writing something clever or interesting I’m going to show you people a few of the search terms that got people here.

myspace sex survey
shit love
jokes about popsicles
quicky fuck
g-unit with hitler

I think these are hilarious. But at the same time they destroy and renew my faith in humanity all at once. Tons of people are searching for these things but only a small few are stupid enough to click on the labrat777.wordpress.com blog.

Correction: I am the first on google if you search for “quicky fuck”
I am on the first page if you search for “myspace sex survey”
I am on page 3 is you search “shit love” and I hope to correct this soon, I should be on the first page for this one.
I’m first if you search “g-unit with hitler” which is the greatest search in the history of searches.



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One of my works

July 12, 2006 at 11:51 pm (General LOLness)

This is the latest of a few logos I’ve shot at my friend’s site. It’s a volcano if you couldn’t tell. I don’t expect anyone to like it because it isn’t being used the way I want it too be used right now (here or at the site.) I’m designing it because my friend is not good with photoshop, he’s mainly a coder. Unfortunately logos are very basic, normally only a few colors and very simple looking. Simple looking is not my thing (case and point.) But there it is, enjoy, goodnight.

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The most beautiful ads you’ve never seen

July 1, 2006 at 4:42 am (Geeky, Life)

New York City-based PSYOP is an inspiring culmination of creativity, collaboration and production focused on providing visual solutions in motion for the advertising & marketing, video gaming, broadcast and music video industries.

That’s what they say about themselves. It’s pretentious, but I don’t care.

I’m coming to a standstill here because I have something I want to say about them but I don’t want to work to get there. I’ve just decided I won’t.

In school I take A/V class, I make bad movies in that class because not a single person there is honestly inspired to make anything. All of our writers/directors are too afraid to submit a good script because they know it won’t be made into their vision (me), our cameramen are fed up with our bad equipment (me), our editors have to use shitty programs (me), and our teacher is a great guy but sucks at actually teaching/helping (not me.)
As a graphic designer and bad film-maker these people are people I aspire and hope to be. At the same time I know I won’t ever be though. I can’t draw, so no matter how good I get with photoshop I will still be hindered in creating what I want to. There is no god damn way I would ever go to film school for a multitude of unfortunately good reasons. The best I can do is get a good career and do these things as hobbies. That isn’t necessarily bad, I can continue to write and I can always try to, and maybe even, sell scripts but it isn’t what I really want to do.

My main problem, above anything else, is that I don’t have much passion. The things I do have any passion for I can’t prove myself in and the things I don’t have any passion for are expected of me.

At this age I’m one of the few people who understands that what I do in the next 5 years will probably define the rest of my life. It will define the people I may meet, it will define the lives I might change, and it will define my quality of life until the day I die. It scares me because most of the guiding lights in this story are dim, and the others show paths I don’t want to take.

There is beauty in what these people do. Do the ads want to make me get a car or buy a coke? No, but they inspire me to create things and live life and move forward, just as Van Gogh’s paintings do to many others.

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