Hooray Google!

July 15, 2006 at 3:46 am (Blogs, General LOLness, WTF?)

For some reason if you search for one of my topics in google I appear on the second page. This is pretty cool and I have a theory about it but it’s probably wrong. Instead of writing something clever or interesting I’m going to show you people a few of the search terms that got people here.

myspace sex survey
shit love
jokes about popsicles
quicky fuck
g-unit with hitler

I think these are hilarious. But at the same time they destroy and renew my faith in humanity all at once. Tons of people are searching for these things but only a small few are stupid enough to click on the labrat777.wordpress.com blog.

Correction: I am the first on google if you search for “quicky fuck”
I am on the first page if you search for “myspace sex survey”
I am on page 3 is you search “shit love” and I hope to correct this soon, I should be on the first page for this one.
I’m first if you search “g-unit with hitler” which is the greatest search in the history of searches.



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